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Inline/Remote Blower Controller


Electronic controller kit for use with inline and remote blowers on BlueStar ML & MA series vent hoods.  Only compatible with BlueStar ATEX Inline Blowers and HYEX Remote Blowers - will NOT work with other branded blowers.  Controller can only replace in-hood controller (PCB-1) or existing remote blower controller (PCB-2).  Controller is not intended as replacement for vent hoods/liners with knob controls.  Kit must be installed by qualified service or certified ventilation professional.  For assistance in locating a servicer near you contact BlueStar Customer Service at (800) 449 - 8691.

Compatible with the following models:

  • Proline (PL), Pyramid (PY), ML Liners, Hampton (HA), Manhattan (MH - wall models only), Ridgeline (RI), Bonanza (BZ), Sahara Curved Sides (SC), Wrangler (WR), Mesa (ME), Atlas (AT) and Normandy (NR).

Price: $252.47 (EACH/USD$)